Ulpius Marcellus

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Ulpius Marcellus was a classical Roman jurist who worked around the middle of the 2nd century.

Little is known about his personal background. According to the Historia Augusta , he is said to have belonged to the council of the emperor Antoninus Pius together with a Javolenus and a Salvius Valens . His dating based on this finds its confirmation in the fact that he mentions a judgment of Mark Aurel and in this context the consul Lucius Arrius Pudens and Titus Vitrasius Pollio . In a quotation handed down by Domitius Ulpianus , a saying by the emperors Mark Aurel and Lucius Verus is also mentioned.

It is unclear whether the lawyer can be identified with the governor of the province of Britain of the same name . Cassius Dio , who reports on his military abilities, does not mention any special legal expertise. It is unlikely that a high-ranking lawyer under Antoninus Pius would have had a second career in the military under Commodus more than 20 years later .

Marcellus wrote digesta comprising 31 books , commented on leges iulia and papia in six volumes and wrote a collection of responsa . However , fragments of other works have come down to us through the digests of Emperor Justinian . Accordingly, Ulpius Marcellus wrote a work called Publica and other works on various public offices. He also commented on Salvius Iulianus and Pomponius , while Quintus Cervidius Scaevola and Ulpian commented on him. The late classical lawyers Ulpian, Iulius Paulus and Herennius Modestinus in particular often quote him.



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