Ulrich Fugger the Younger

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Ulrich Fugger II, by Hans Maler zu Schwaz , 1525

Ulrich Fugger the Younger (* 1490 ; † 1525 ; von der Lilie ) was the second oldest son of Ulrich Fugger (the elder) and Veronika Lauginger. He was a merchant in Augsburg and a partner in the Fugger family business . In 1516 he married Veronika Gassner. Ulrich d. J. was a talented businessman and Jakob Fugger (the rich man) was supposed to succeed him as head of the Fugger trading company, but died before that. Ulrich excluded his younger brother Hieronymus by will because of his unsuitability from the succession; his older brother Hans had died in 1515. Jakob Fugger the Rich was succeeded by another nephew, Anton Fugger .