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Teaching science

publishing company Springer VS
Frequency of publication quarterly
editor Alexander Renkl (currently managing director) University of Freiburg , Cornelia Gräsel University of Wuppertal , Ilonca Hardy University of Frankfurt , Silke Hertel University of Heidelberg , Thilo Kleickmann University of Kiel , Erno Lehtinen University of Turku Finland, Knut Neumann University of Kiel , Anna-Katharina Praetorius University of Zurich , Nikol Rummel Ruhr -University of Bochum , Susanne Weber University of Munich
Web link springer.com [1]
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As a journal for teaching-learning research, the journal Educational Science focuses on the areas of preschool, school, studies, work and leisure. It is published four times a year by Springer VS , Wiesbaden.

Profile and structure

Educational science discusses theoretical approaches, presents their empirical verification and asks about the consequences for educational practice.

The journal publishes original articles, reviews and theoretical papers that have been recommended for acceptance by two qualified reviewers and the editor in charge.

In addition to an international readership with a focus on German-speaking countries, the journal is one of the three most-cited German-language journals, according to a "Cited Reference Search" in the Web of Science, PsychInfo, and Harzing's Publish or Perish (1999-2010). About 50% of the citations in the Web of Science come from English-language publications.

Editor and editor

A. Renkl (Freiburg, managing director), C. Gräsel (Wuppertal), I. Hardy (Frankfurt), S. Hertel (Heidelberg), T. Kleickmann (Kiel), E. Lehtinen (Turku, Finland), K. Neumann (Kiel), A.-K. Praetorius (Frankfurt), N. Rummel (Bochum) and S. Weber (Munich).

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