Jovan Mićić

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Jovan Mićić Kikor ( Serbian - Cyrillic Јован Мићић Кикор ; * February 5, 1955 in Bijeljina , FVR Yugoslavia ; † May 13, 2018 in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina ), called Kikor (Кикор), was the Serbian commander of the 1st Bosnian Commander Semberska Laka Pješadijska Brigada in the Bosnian War .


Micic was born on February 5, 1955 in the Yugoslav city of Bijeljina . He spent his childhood in the birthplace of his father Slobodan Mićić - Modran - near Bijeljina. His mother Ljubica Jugovic, on the other hand, comes from Čengic, also near Bijeljina. He first attended elementary school in Modran and finally graduated from a secondary school in Janja near Bijeljina.

After graduating from school, he began a military career. Until 1979 he was a student at the Serbian Military Academy in Belgrade . He then joined the Yugoslav People's Army as an officer . In 1991 he was deployed in the Croatian War on the occasion of open intervention in the conflict by the Yugoslav People's Army near Dvor . After the beginning of the Bosnian War in 1992, he was transferred first to Sanski Most , then further north to Prijedor and finally to the command office of the East Bosnian Corps of the Army of the Republika Srpska in Bijeljina.

On April 12, 1992 he was appointed commander of the 1st Battalion, the paramilitary freischar 1. Semberska Laka Pješadijska Brigada , founded on the same day with the rank of major . He led them through the entire Bosnian War. In 1992, the singer and songwriter Roki Vulovic also served in the 1st semberska laka pješadijska brigada , who dedicated his album Semberski junaci to the unit . This also contained a personal homage to Micic in the form of the piece Hej, Hej, Kikore . This is one of his most famous songs. After the end of the conflict, he was honorably discharged from military service and took up a new position in the health service of the Republika Srpska . He finally retired in 2013 after a hospital stay. In the Serbian people he enjoyed high esteem and admiration for his military successes in the Bosnian war.

Jovan Mićić died on May 13, 2018 after a serious illness in Bjieljina. He was buried with military honors on May 15 of the same year in his home village of Modran.


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