Uwe Brauns

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Uwe Brauns (born June 11, 1938 in Bremen , † October 19, 2005 in Hambergen ) was a German politician ( SPD ).

Brauns attended elementary school in Hambergen in the district of Osterholz and completed an apprenticeship as a bricklayer after graduating. He attended evening school, passed the secondary school leaving certificate and then began studying civil engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. In Bremen he was employed in the office for road and bridge construction until he moved into the state parliament.

Brauns has been a councilor since 1968 and mayor of Hambergen since 1973 . In 1974 he was also a councilor and mayor of the Hambergen municipality. Since 1973 he was a member of the district council of the Osterholz district .

In the 11th to 12th electoral term he was a member of the Lower Saxony state parliament from June 21, 1986 to June 20, 1994.

In view of his many years of work in local politics, a sports and culture hall in Hambergen was called "Uwe-Brauns-Halle".


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