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Gilsfjörður in the foreground, left in the background.  the Vaðalfjöll

Gilsfjörður in the foreground, left in the background. the Vaðalfjöll

height 508  m
location West of Iceland
Coordinates 65 ° 34 '50 "  N , 22 ° 4' 20"  W Coordinates: 65 ° 34 '50 "  N , 22 ° 4' 20"  W
Vaðalfjöll (Iceland)
Age of the rock Tertiary

The double peak of Vaðalfjöll is a 509 m high mountain in western Iceland .


The Vaðalfjöll with its characteristic, striking double peaks are located between the Berufjörður , a branch of the Breiðafjörður , and the Þorskafjörður in the Austur-Barðastrandarsýsla district . The area belongs to the southern Westfjords . About 20 km south of the mountain is the small town of Reykhólar on a headland .


vað means ford in Icelandic. There are traditions that tell of a ford through the Þorskafjörður, the use of which would have been based on the sight of this peak, which from a distance has the shape of a screw protruding into the air.

Another source suspects that the name could come from the large mud flats (isl. Vaðlar ) in Þorskafjörður.

The plural fjöll (dt. Mountains ) comes from the shape of the double summit, which in turn rises approx. 100 m above the surrounding highlands.

Geological description

The area to the east of the Breiðafjörður fjord was volcanically active about 7 million years ago . At that time the rift zone ran over this stretch of land.

The mountain was part of a large central volcano that was active at the time, but now during of several cold periods of the Ice Age greatly eroded was. The double peak is therefore the remains of an intrusion that has solidified in a volcanic vent.

Access and ascent

From route 60, which leads into the Westfjords to Isafjörður, a track branches off to the north-east into the mountains a little south of Bjarkalundur. This can also be driven on with a normal car in summer.

You get up to 450 m, where there is a parking lot at the foot of the mountains. From there there are several routes to the peaks. It is best to take the one heading north, which initially leads past and around the summit. From the north side you first climb up the gap between the two peaks, where you have to climb a bit.

Ari Trausti also describes a path that leads up from the valley. It begins a little north of Bjarkalundur and follows the Deildargil gorge , which you leave on your right.

On the southern summit you can enter your name in a summit book .

The view all around is very good when the weather is nice. It includes the Breiðafjörður to Snæfellsjökull as well as the southern Westfjords.

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