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Veit Scherzer (* 1959 ) is a German religious scholar , author , editor and publisher . His book Die Ritterkreuzträger 1939–1945 is one of the standard works on this subject.

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Veit Scherzer's stepfather, whom he was confronted with when he was 11, was a non-commissioned officer during World War II. Veit Scherzer worked as a self-employed optician until 1993 . In 1990 he founded “Scherzers Militaer-Verlag” in Bayreuth (first company names were “Scherzer's Militair-Verlag” and “Scherzers Militaire-Verlag”), which publishes works by Veit Scherzer and other authors on medals and decorations , uniforms and military history . The publishing house was based in Ranis from 1993 to 2011 . Since 2014 it has been operating under the name of "Verlag Veit Scherzer". The publisher has published the series German Troops in World War II since 2007 .

Until 2015, Veit Scherzer was a member of the German Committee for the History of the Second World War at the Center for Military History and Social Sciences of the Bundeswehr .


Veit Scherzer published about thirty-five books and one hundred essays.

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  • Himmler's military elite. The highly decorated members of the Waffen SS. Publishing house Veit Scherzer, Bayreuth.

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