Anterior jugular vein

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The veins of the neck, seen from the front. The anterior jugular vein is labeled "Anterior Jugular" in English

The anterior jugular vein ("anterior jugular vein") is a paired, superficial vein of the neck.

The vein arises on the floor of the mouth and usually runs on the sternocleidomastoid muscle or the sternothyroideus muscle . In most cases, the right and left veins in the suprasternal space are connected by a venous arch, the jugular venous arc . The mouth is highly variable and is carried into the external jugular vein , internal jugular vein , subclavian vein or directly into the venous angle .

Compared to the other jugular veins of the neck (vena jugularis interna / externa), the vena jugularis anterior is usually much weaker and more variable in its course.