Subclavian vein

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Veins and other anatomical structures in the lower neck area; left and right below (outside) the terminal segments of the two subclavian veins

The subclavian vein, or collarbone vein , is a large, paired vein that lies behind the collarbone . The two subclavian veins collect blood from the arms and shoulder area .


The subclavian vein is the continuation of the axillary vein ( axillary vein) and begins near the distal end of the 1st  rib . Between this and the collar bone (clavicle) bends shortly thereafter towards the body center and runs horizontally until they are each located in the venous angle with the internal jugular vein (internal jugular vein) to the brachiocephalic vein pooled.

In the area of ​​the 1st rib, the clavicular vein is connected to the surrounding structures by connective tissue and is thus kept open, which favors a puncture and the placement of a central venous catheter .

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