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A venipuncture to draw blood from humans

A puncture ( lat. Punctio "to sting", to pungere "to prick") is the targeted placement of a needle or other pointed instrument in medicine . The tissue fluid or sample taken up in the process is called puncture .

A puncture can be used for injection into the body (e.g. intravenous injection ) or for removal from the body (e.g. lumbar puncture ). For this purpose, hollow needles ( cannula , trocar ) are used.

Punctures are made

Some organs are easy to puncture with the appropriate skills (e.g. superficial blood vessels , skin , liver ). Other organs are difficult to puncture or the puncture is dangerous because it injures the organ or neighboring organs (e.g. spleen , gallbladder , intestine ). Imaging methods such as ultrasound or CT are used for targeted puncture of deeper organs .

Since some punctures can be quite painful, it is advisable to apply a local anesthetic beforehand and / or to administer a sedative .