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The non-profit Association of Building Biology (VB) was founded in 2002 by Wolfgang Maes, Helmut Merkel and Norbert Honisch, among others, under the patronage of the Institute for Building Biology + Sustainability IBN as an independent professional association for building biologists and related professional fields.

The aim of the association is in particular to "promote research and science in the field of building biology and to disseminate the teaching of holistic relationships between people and the living environment". The association supports building biology education and training and is particularly committed to promoting young talent. The association's task is also to “promote environmental and health protection in order to preserve natural habitats for people, animals and plants and protect them from interference”. Findings in building biology should be made available to the public and active contributions should be made to preventive health protection of the population.

The association publishes new findings from research and practice in a freely accessible Internet archive of building biology publications and presents them for discussion in conferences and colloquia. In 2010, the Association of Building Biology is organizing an international building biology congress at the Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg (October 8-10, 2010).

The basis of the work of the Association of Building Biology is the standard of building biology measurement technology (SBM). Practicing building biologists are required to work “on a serious scientific basis, taking into account their own empirical knowledge”.

The association represents the interests of building biologists on a national and international level and wants to offer a forum for the exchange of experiences among building biologists and related professions. An interdisciplinary collaboration with other departments is expressly sought. In addition to building biologists, the association is therefore also open to interested parties from other specialist disciplines. These are mainly active in the construction and engineering sectors , in medicine and in the natural sciences . The association currently has 443 members, mostly from Germany (as of 12/2012).


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