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Sketch about the use of explosives, detonating fuse cord and trimmings (damming) in blasting technology in a quarry. Schematic representation of a loaded borehole (not true to scale!).

A containment charge is an explosive material enclosed in a solid shell . The envelope (so-called trim ) can, for. B. made of sand, drums or pipes made of cardboard, metal or other materials.

Word origin

To dam means "to shut up, to block; to dam up ". Example: dam the outflow of a stream by dams. Similarly in the military sector, where dam also means stamping and pushing or including , z. B. earlier in gun art, where the bullet was dammed in the gun.

Clogged charge in a muzzle-loading weapon (demonstration object): 1 = detonator, 2 = powder charge, 3 = damming, 4 = projectile, 5 = damming (after damming (5) the barrel follows in a functioning weapon).

Mode of action

Pyrotechnic sets such as B. a waterfall set , can burn down with flame formation when ignited, while there is a violent deflagration under confinement (damming) or with some substances, e.g. B. during the Blitzknallsatz , a detonation can occur.

However, under certain conditions, damming can also occur without external inclusion. One speaks here of the so-called self-damming , which occurs when a larger amount of the explosive, from about 1–2 kg, is burned down. Here, the weight of the material itself can lead to a damming up when it burns, which then causes the reaction to tip over to a sudden explosion. For example, while 1 kg of smoke powder only gives off smoke slowly, 10 kg of smoke powder can suddenly explode with a loud bang after a few minutes.


The damming is used both in blasting technology and in pyrotechnics . An example is the cannon blow , the black powder of which burns down without any cracking effect without the casing through the cardboard tube. Due to the encasing by a thick cardboard tube, on the other hand, an explosion occurs, which leads to the cardboard tube breaking apart, which only creates the distinctive bang, which is the desired effect for this effect.


In blasting technology, for example, latvices , sand , finest stones , water or calcium chloride (to bind dust) are used as fillings (damming) . When a building is demolished , impact cartridges are also dammed with PU foam . In the mining industry, there is also the saying: "Well-insulated is half the shot." Rule of thumb for containment: The less explosive an explosive is, the more trimming is required.

Individual evidence

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