Association of Swiss archivists

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Association of Swiss Archivists
legal form registered association according to Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code
purpose Support cooperation among the Swiss archives, ensure easy access to archival material, network related institutions
Seat Urtenen-Schönbühl
founding September 4, 1922

place Lenzburg AG
President Claudia Engler, Bern Burger Library
Members 855 (663 individual members and 192 institutional members) (May 2014)

The Association of Swiss Archivists ( VSA ) was founded in 1922 as an association of Swiss archivists on the occasion of the annual meeting of the General History Research Society of Switzerland (AGGS) . In 1996 it changed its name to the Association of Swiss Archivists ( VSA ).


Its main objectives (according to the 1997 statutes) are:

  1. It promotes contacts among the members and their cooperation and supports them in the exercise of their professional activities.
  2. It promotes public awareness of the importance of archiving activities to safeguard archival material as an indispensable legal and administrative basis, as a valuable cultural asset and as the most important source for illuminating our history.


In 2005 the association had over 500 members, including both individual members ( archivists ) and around 150 collective members ( archives of all branches and other institutions).


Important tasks for the Swiss archive system are performed by its commissions and working groups:

  • Archive Directors' Conference
  • Education Committee
  • Records Management & Digital Archiving Working Group
  • Evaluation working group
  • Private Economy Archives Working Group
  • Spiritual Archives Working Group
  • City and community archives working group
  • Working group norms and standards
  • Working group digitization & analog security
  • Working group on access and mediation

The association is multilingual and pays special attention to this area (terminology). The club names are:

  • German: Association of Swiss Archivists VSA
  • French: Association des Archivistes suisses AAS
  • Italian: Associazione degli archivisti svizzeri AAS
  • Romansh: Associaziun da las archivarias e dals archivaris svizzers UAS

The association is affiliated to the Swiss Society for History as a section.

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Together with the sister associations Association of Libraries and Librarians of Switzerland (BBS) and the Swiss Association for Documentation (SVD), the association publishes the monthly magazine Arbido ( ISSN  0258-0764 ).

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