Villa Quandt

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Villa Quandt on the Pfingstberg in Potsdam

The Villa Quandt is a villa on the Pfingstberg in Potsdam . It is named after the war council widow Ulrike Augusta von Quandt , houses the Theodor Fontane Archive and the Brandenburg Literature Office and is part of the administration of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation .


The villa is located with the address Große Weinmeisterstraße 46/47 in the Potsdamer Nauener Vorstadt on the Pfingstberg and is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage there . Together with Villa Henckel and Villa Lepsius, it is one of the elegant villas in this area. The Villa Schlieffen also belongs to the ensemble .


When and by whom the villa was built is not known, but the oldest structural evidence dates from around 1800. After major renovations since 1831, Ulrike Augusta von Quandt, née. Baumgarten, and housed there, according to her maiden name, the "Baumgartner Foundation" for "eye sufferers, poor daughters, or widows of the higher classes". In 1841, King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Acquired the property, which meant that it was used by the Hohenzollern as an elegant residence until 1945 , when it came into the possession of their foreign secret service KGB through Soviet occupation and later, until 1993, their military administration. After a few years of vacancy and extensive renovations, Villa Quandt has been the seat of the Theodor Fontane Archive and the Brandenburg Literature Office since 2007 .

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Coordinates: 52 ° 25 '3.5 "  N , 13 ° 3' 48.3"  E