Bird (moon crater)

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Ptolemaeus + Alphonsus + Hipparchus + Albategnius - LROC - WAC.JPG
Vogel (bottom right) and surroundings ( LROC -WAC)
Bird (moon equatorial region)
position 15.13 °  S , 5.79 °  E Coordinates: 15 ° 7 '48 "  S , 5 ° 47' 24"  E
diameter 26 km
Card sheet 77 (PDF)
Named after Hermann Carl Vogel (1841–1907)
Named since 1935
Unless otherwise stated, the information comes from the entry in the IAU / USGS database


Vogel is a small impact crater on the southern hemisphere of the moon . It is located southeast of the Albategnius crater .

Vogel is the smallest of a group of three impact craters that increase in size towards the south. The other two are named as Argelander and Airy . To the west is the remnant of Parrot Crater .

The crater rim is interrupted by small craters on both the northern and southern sides . Bird B on the northern side is interrupted at its northern edge by an even smaller crater, so that a series of connected craters is shown here. The remaining parts of the crater rim are quite well preserved.

List of Vogel's minor craters
Letter position diameter link
B. 14.46 °  S , 5.63 °  E 22 km [1]
C. 14.12 °  S , 5.24 °  E 9 km [2]

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