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Volker Trommsdorff (* 1943 ) is a German economist . Until his retirement, Trommsdorff was a full professor of business administration , especially marketing , at the Technical University of Berlin .

Trommsdorff was born in 1943 as the son of Prof. Fro Trommsdorff and his wife Irmgard. Eckert and studied industrial engineering at the Technical University Berlin (completion 1969) and in 1974 at the University of Saarland Dr. rer. oec. PhD. In 1978 he was appointed to the newly established marketing chair at the TU Berlin. From 1983 to 1998 he was Scientific Director of the Research Center for Commerce . Volker Trommsdorff was President of the German Advertising Society until 2001 .

The focus of his research lies in the theory of consumer behavior as well as in the areas of innovation marketing and international marketing, especially China. His textbook consumer behavior (Stuttgart 1989/7th edition 2007) is one of the standard works in the subject.

Trommsdorff founded the management consultancy trommsdorff + drüner with Marc Drüner , a subsidiary of Reply since 2016 .

He is the descendant of the pharmacists Wilhelm Bernhard Trommsdorff (1738–1782) and Johann Bartholomäus Trommsdorff (1770–1837).

Extract from the list of publications

Consumer behavior

  • Volker Trommsdorff: Consumer behavior. 7th edition. Stuttgart 2008 (1989).
  • Volker Trommsdorff: Advertising Pretests - Practice and Success Factors. Hamburg 2003.

Market research

  • Volker Trommsdorff: The measurement of product images for marketing. Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Munich 1975.
  • Volker Trommsdorff (co-ed.): Innovative market research. Würzburg, Vienna 1983.

Trade research

  • Volker Trommsdorff (Ed.): Handelsforschung 1986 (and 21 subsequent years). Originally the yearbook of the Research Center for Retail Berlin, most recently in Stuttgart 2007.

International marketing and management

  • Volker Trommsdorff: Company transformation in Eastern Europe. Wiesbaden 1998.
  • Volker Trommsdorff, M. Binsack, M. Drüner, U. Koppel: Successful cooperation in Eastern Europe. Cologne 1995.
  • Volker Trommsdorff: Ch. Schuchardt, T. Lesche: Experiences with German-Chinese joint ventures. Wiesbaden 1995.
  • Volker Trommsdorff, B. Wilpert: German-Chinese Joint Ventures - Economy - Law - Culture. Wiesbaden 1991, 2nd edition 1994.
  • W. Lück, Volker Trommsdorff (Hrsg.): Internationalization of the enterprise as a problem of the business administration. Berlin, Bielefeld, Munich 1982.

Innovation marketing

  • Volker Trommsdorff, F. Steinhof: Innovation Marketing. Munich 2007.
  • H.-G. Gemünden , Volker Trommsdorff: Innovation Compass 2001 - Managing radical innovations successfully. Düsseldorf 2001.
  • Volker Trommsdorff: Case studies on innovation marketing. Munich 1995.

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