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Wilhelm Bernhard Trommsdorff (born July 16, 1738 in Erfurt ; † May 6, 1782 there ) was a German medic, chemist and botanist.


The son of the Electoral Mainz garrison pharmacist Wilhelm Hieronymus Trommsdorff (1708–1768), owner of the Schwan pharmacy in Erfurt since 1734, and Catharina Christiana von Gerstenberg (1714–1762) was born on June 17, 1738 in the Protestant merchant church (Erfurt) baptized. First he attended the merchant school in Erfurt, from 1753 the Evangelical Ratsgymnasium. In 1756 he enrolled at the high school, today's University of Erfurt . He then continued his medical studies at the University of Göttingen .

After the death of his father in 1768, Trommsdorff took over his pharmacy in Erfurt. However, since he was later unduly taken up by his work as personal physician of the Electorate Mainz governor of Erfurt Karl Theodor von Dalberg as well as as a general practitioner and university professor, he transferred the management of the pharmacy provisional , the most important of which in 1781/1782 was the later Halle university professor Friedrich Albrecht Carl Gren (1760-1798) was.

Trommsdorff had been a member of the Erfurt Academy since October 17, 1767, and professor of medicine and chemistry at the University of Erfurt since 1768. On October 10, 1772 he was accepted into the Leopoldina . Trommsdorff's students at the University of Erfurt include: a. Sigismund Friedrich Hermbstädt (1760–1833).

He is the author of several pharmaceutical works.

His grandfather was the theology professor Johann Samuel Trommsdorff , his son the pharmacist and pharmacist Johann Bartholomäus Trommsdorff .

Trommsdorff died of a protracted illness at the age of 43.

Works (selection)

  • Dissertatio inavgvralis medico-chemica De oleis vegetabilivm essentialibvs eorvmqve partibvs constitvtivis , Verlag Nonnius, 1765
  • Wilhelmvs Bernhardvs Trommsdorff ... ad avdiendas praelectiones medicas officiose invitat hacqve occasione De sale mirabili glavberi commentatvr , Verlag Nonnius, 1771


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