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A prerequisite is a term used in everyday language for a state, a process or any other state of affairs that must be given before another process or state of affairs can occur. In an everyday context, it is often a matter of conditions that have been set by an author such as B. an institution to other people before they are granted a performance or approval (example: In Germany, taking the Abitur examination is the prerequisite for admission to study at a university ).

In philosophy and logic , requirements appear in the form of more abstract relationships. For example, conditionals consist of a pair of sentences in which the second sentence cannot be false if the first sentence is true (but this only means a relationship between truth values , not a temporal sequence or causal sequence). In the context of logical proofs, a requirement is also known as a premise . In mathematics, too, the prerequisite is an important part of mathematical proof procedures . So the induction hypothesis marks the beginning of the induction proof .

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