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As foregut ( Proenteron ) refers to the mouth-end section of the digestive system during fetal development . It extends from the oral cavity to the midgut .

The foregut, like the rest of the digestive system, arises from the endoderm . This first folds to form an intestinal groove , which closes into a primitive intestinal tube and is thus separated from the yolk sac . This bowel system can then be divided into three sections. The anterior section - the anterior intestinal bay - extends from the anterior intestinal portal to the pharynx membrane ( stomatopharyngeal membrane ). This anterior intestinal bay forms the foregut by growing in length.

The throat (arising from the foregut pharynx ), larynx , the esophagus , the stomach and the front part of the duodenum ( the duodenum ) of up to the junction bile duct . Sprouting from the foregut also creates the trachea and lungs .

The pharynx is both part of the foregut and part of the head gut. For many authors, the latter is made up of the oral cavity and the pharynx. The definition of the head intestine is based on anatomical conditions.


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