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Heat transfer station of a swimming pool
of EVN heat with an output of 700 kW

Heat transfer station of EVN heat with an output of 300 kW a residential complex

The heat transfer station is a technical device that transfers the heat from a district heating network to the customer's heat distribution system and sets the flow temperature required by the customer in his distribution system.

On the primary side, heat transfer stations can be equipped with:

  • steam
  • Hot water or
  • Heating water (<105 ° C)

are applied.

Components of a heat transfer station

It consists of:

Tasks of the heat transfer station

  • The measurement of the customer's heat consumption by the heat meter, which is mostly installed in the primary circuit (i.e. on the water side of the district heating network)
  • Controlling the differential pressure on the primary side
  • Limiting the flow rate of district heating water to its contractual performance
  • The hydraulic separation of the district heating network from the house system by means of a heat exchanger
  • The limitation of the secondary return temperature by a temperature sensor arranged in the secondary circuit (customer circuit), which automatically reduces the heating output or sets the customer's flow temperature higher than the flow temperature, which is dependent on the outside temperature
  • In hot water networks, the limitation of the flow temperature by a safety temperature controller
  • The preparation of domestic hot water for the customer

Scheme of a heat transfer station

Scheme of the heat transfer station of Biowärme Amstetten West in the individual certificates

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