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WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH
legal form Limited Liability Company (Germany)
founding 2010
Seat Frankfurt am Main , Germany (Headquarters)
Hanover , Germany
management Jan Halstenbach, management
Number of employees 30 employees in Frankfurt am Main and Hanover as well as around 40 freelancers.
Branch Specialized information service

Host (database provider )
providing information

Website www.wti-frankfurt.de
Status: January 2019

The WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH (short: WTI) is a provider of scientific and technical information. Its target groups are specialists and managers from industry, research and teaching as well as students at technically oriented universities.


WTI-Frankfurt eG was founded in November 2010 by employees of the former Technical Information Center for Technology (FIZ for short). The cooperative began its official operation on January 1, 2011. In January 2019, the company's name was changed to a limited liability company (Germany) (GmbH). In the course of this, the company name was changed to WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH i. G. changed.

FIZ Technik was, alongside FIZ Chemie and FIZ Karlsruhe, one of the state-initiated specialist information centers based in Frankfurt am Main. It was the national center for technical and scientific information and documentation and was founded in 1979 as part of the Information and Documentation (IuD) program . The aim of this program was to create a decentralized system with various specialist departments. The central office for documentation for electrical engineering (ZDE) and documentation for mechanical engineering (DOMA) were the predecessor facilities from which FIZ Technik emerged. FIZ Technik consisted of two companies, FIZ Technik e. V. and FIZ-Technik-Inform GmbH. FIZ Technik e. V. in particular by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) .


The WTI works across publishing houses and cooperates with various information providers. The spectrum ranges from classic engineering disciplines, such as mechanical and plant engineering, process, environmental and materials technology, energy technology, space and construction, to operational management, organization and management, right through to current politically and economically relevant cross-sectional topics such as Industry 4.0 , electromobility and IT security . With online-based research, information and analysis services, the WTI offers access to information from national and international sources. This includes publisher publications , so-called “ gray literature ”, research reports and other scientific papers, specialist journals and conference reports.

The specialist information is conveyed via company portals and academic libraries. There are also subscription services at flat rate prices, order research, dossiers and accompanying advice and training offers. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or craft businesses, WTI offers a free knowledge base with materials and handouts from publicly funded projects on digitization and on dealing with ICT in companies.

Structured specialist databases and its own search engine (TecFinder) form the basic offering from WTI. The contents are summarized in tables of contents and short presentations and indexed with the help of a specialist vocabulary, the bilingual (German-English) Thesaurus Technology and Management (TEMA) and automatic procedures.


WTI products are:

  • Databases and topic packages that can be used permanently or for a limited period at flat rate prices, such as B .:
    • TEMA themed package "Technology and Management"
    • "Electromobility" theme package
    • Middle class materials
    • TEMotive electromobility
    • CEABA chemical engineering and biotechnology
    • RSWB ® plus literature references for planning and building
    • as well as on individual topics such as textiles, printing technology, management and organization, mining, machine and plant engineering, medical technology, materials, electrical engineering, automotive, environment and information science.
  • Electric mobility knowledge platform, which was created as part of a BMWi- funded project
  • Regular overviews of new publications on predefined topics (TecScan journals) by subscription
  • Customer-specific information packages and dossiers (TecExpert)
  • Support of in-house knowledge and innovation management with the help of analysis and visualization tools and the TEMA thesaurus
  • Knowledge games (TecGames) based on the information stock of WTI


WTI's customers can be roughly divided into four groups:

  • Industrial companies
  • Technical universities in German-speaking countries or university libraries
  • Research institutions
  • Associations

Employee and qualification structure

The total of 30 employees at WTI at the Frankfurt am Main and Hanover locations include engineering specialists, IT specialists and information professionals as well as freelancers who specialize in WTI topics.

Partnerships and cooperation projects

  • Members of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) can access WTI offers at special rates via the association's intranet.
  • With the consulting firm Hoffmann & Reif, which specializes in e-learning and knowledge management, she has developed a knowledge game based on the information provided by WTI (TecGames & TecAwards).
  • The WTI also works with:
    • Fraunhofer institutes and other research institutions
    • Management consultancies
    • other specialist information providers and discovery services
    • as well as with the various publishers, from whom she regularly receives metadata to complete her databases.
  • The databases TEMA Technik und Management and CEABA Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie from WTI are also available from specialist information providers:


The WTI is a member of the German Society for Information and Knowledge (DGI) . The former WTI board member Sigrid Riedel was also a member of the board of DGI as treasurer from April 2015 to May 2017.

The WTI is also a member of the Electromobility Forum.


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