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Weapons student is the traditional name for a member of a student union who stands for the scale with student fencing weapons .

Origin of the term

The tradition developed in German universities in the 18th century. It was rooted in the duel system that was widespread among officers , the nobility and the bourgeoisie in the 19th century . Today the term is only used in the student language and is not used uniformly among student associations and is sometimes rejected. Since fencing unites the arms students, it is common in some corporation associations to address other arms students as “brothers in arms”. This form of address is frowned upon in the corps .

Before the Second World War, many student associations did not require their members to compulsory grades, but gave absolute satisfaction . They too were counted among the weapons students. From 1941 to 1944, Würzburg was the stronghold of arms students.

“Are the weapons students really the inferior minority compared to the majority of such sensible young people? I am of course only talking about the well-managed, tried and tested student connections about which a judgment is possible, not about the numerous so-called "bubbles", those of a pack of uncouth foxes, each of whom would like to have the big word for himself instead of planing himself let, be founded and "blown up" again after unsuccessful attempts and an unfortunate amount of time invested ... Anyone who as an academic teacher has been in the middle of it and has been in the embarrassing office of examiner knows that the hopeless and shipwrecked elements are not out of the circles of color connection students, but as a rule from the others, mostly from those personalities who are troublesome with the wholesome compulsion of connections, and from those who had to be removed from the connections because of their incorrigible indecency ... The old color connections of the various Groups were the guardians of the specifis from the start ch German student tones, that is their undeniable and lasting merit. "

- Arnold Schröer , Kölnische Zeitung, 1903


At the beginning of the First World War , the Austrian arms students in the Academic Legion wanted to fight together for the Pan-German cause.


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