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As an orphan , orphan line or rhyme orphan in is Verslehre a rhyming loose verse referred to a series of rhymed verses. In the rhyme scheme this is often withx or wwritten down. The term comes from the terminology of the early New High German Meistersang .

Orphans are mainly found in three-line stanzas , which are then referred to as orphan tzine . Examples are the last stanza of a series of tercine stanzas , the ritornello and the end of the Middle High German canzone stanza .

As an example, the first stanza of a poem by Joseph Victor von Scheffel from the Allgemeine Deutsche Kommersbuch with the rhyme scheme[aabbx]:

When the Romans got naughty ,
they moved to the north of Germany. The Field Marshal General, Herr Quinctilius Varus, rode in
front with the sound of a trumpet .


Individual evidence

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