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The coat of arms cut is a coat of arms division carried out by straight or curved boundary lines according to heraldic rules. When describing the coat of arms or blazon , a typical cut designation is used depending on the cut. Many cut figures divide the shield by simple contours. But in modern times more and more complicated cuts have been devised by commercial artists and heraldists .

The heraldic cut

There is the cloud cut, pewter cut, notch cut, clover leaf cut, sawtooth cut and many other division lines typical of the coat of arms. The wealth of variants increases not only through the double execution of the pattern, but also through the direction of division (position in the coat of arms). An example is the pewter cut. Here the cut does not run horizontally or vertically, but diagonally from top right to bottom left in the coat of arms. There is also the option from top left to bottom right. The layout of the pattern (axis of the cut) follows the upper edge of the shield.

Head-up heraldic cuts are also common. These are emblazoned as overthrown . The variety of the heraldic cuts allows the creation of unmistakable coats of arms quickly . The heraldic cuts, which have been in use for centuries, mutated into double cuts.

List of heraldic cuts

Surname Blason Characteristic variants example
Branch cut branched sloping battlements
Bow cut bent in, bent out tips rounded in or rounded off several arches see also scale / flap cut Kaarikoro.svg Cannelé.png
Cymbal cut Monkshood cut or pewter cut , which is more pointed
Thorn cut or scar cut (old) Blason ville for Eth (North) .svg
Double cloud section like notched hearts Bublava CoA.png Shield head divided by a double cloud cut
Double tin cut Coat of arms Oberleichtersbach.png
Monkshood cut like monkshood ( Feh ) Coat of arms Hausmehring.png Coat of arms Muenklingen.png Coat of arms Haslangkreit.png
Flame cut Escudo de Campaspero.svg
Counter battlements Coat of arms Steinfurt TBB.png
Göpelschnitt DEU Hüttenrode COA.svg
Half-back cut DEU Habscheid COA.svg
Heart cut Kemiö.vaakuna.svg
Yoke cut Coat of arms at brunnenthal.png
Notch cut notched consisting of small curves
Pewter cut with notched battlements Mesocco wappen.svg
Shamrock arch Element of architecture on the gates and windows of castles or towers DEU Osterode am Harz COA.svg
Shamrock cut with shamrock Sayneinen vaakuna.svg
Cross cut with cross
Cross pewter cut if crosses on the battlements are Coat of arms Klosterdorf.png
Curve section Coat of arms at unterperfuss.png
Flap cut lobed also cuticle
Lily cut Coat of arms Langenau-Goettingen.png
Linden leaf cut Shape of the snail cut Coa Illustration Partition Spaded.svg
Moon cut (circle cut) Division / cleavage line interrupted and curved to the right or left by a crescent moon or semicircle Coa Illustration Partition Moon.svg
Palisade cut Divided into a palisade with palisades ; the representation in the heraldry as short pointed posts Skaun komm.png
Pile cut
Plug (s) cut Latendorf Wappen.png Coat of arms of Römstedt.png divided obliquely to the left with five plugs
Sawtooth cut Coa Illustration Partition Dentilly line.svg
Clapboard cut like pewter cut, but coarser (and other thematic reference) Coat of arms Eisendorf.png
Chess pawn cut Steifer wappen.png
Snail cut Coat of arms at walchsee.svg
Pewter cut Pewter cut, oblique
Dovetail cut swallowed with dovetail Etne komm.png
Cuticle flaked out (lobed) also: flap cut , consisting of small rounded corners (see also curved cut ) Office Itzehoe-Land-Wappen.png
Gusset cut Pointed cut with 60 degrees DEU Mehrow COA.svg
Lace cut if there are few peaks the number is given, e.g. B. with four overturned tips Point angle 75 degrees Coat of arms rooms under the castle.svg
Step cut if the higher part is on the right side, it means divided with the right step, otherwise with the left when the line is broken alternately to the left and right at right angles Coa Illustration Partition Angeled line.svg
Stepped gable cut Schuelldorf Wappen.png Aidhausen coat of arms.png tinned rafters
Swoop cut split in a surge cut inclined waves rolling over the apex Divisions and splits in different directions of the waves Coat of arms Frose.png
Fir cut ( pine top / top cut) Coat of arms Nentershausen (Hessen) .png and pewter cut Traryd vapen.svg
Fir rice cut Varpaisjärvi.vaakuna.svg stylized
Peat moss cut Hammoor coat of arms.png
Wave cut DEU Beuron COA.svg oblique left
Wave cut
Wolf teeth tips that are rounded or curved and come out of the side margin Coat of arms district Aue-Schwarzenberg.svg
Cloud cut like Wolkenfeh Castrisch wappen.svg
Tooth cut Pointed cut at 45 degrees Grono wappen.svgcoarse Mengersdorf coat of arms.jpgfine
Zigzag cut little pips DEU Itzgrund COA.svg Coat of arms of Northwest Territories.svg
Tin cut (flat tin cut) with battlements Coat of arms Ravenstein.svgDivision Brobergen coat of arms, Niedersachsen.svgdivision

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