Alternating stroke (playing technique)

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The term exchange impact (commonly used in English also alternate picking ) refers to a playing technique for stringed instruments , especially with guitars .

Playing technique with fingers

The right index and middle finger are usually used (usually abbreviated with i and m in notations and tablatures). The index and middle fingers of the right hand alternately strike a string or alternate strings. Which finger you start with depends on the following string changes.

Combinations of thumb and index finger / middle finger (pi or pm) for the alternating stroke can also be found, a technique that was already used by the lutenists under the name of "pinching". If the lowest - usually the 6th - string ("E") is not struck, there is the possibility of using the different sounding alternating strike techniques apoyando or tirando .

Playing technique with a pick

The pick is moved up and down by moving the wrist or fingers over the string.

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