Securities Trading Act

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Basic data
Title: Securities Trading Act
Short title: Securities Trading Act
Abbreviation: WpHG
Type: Federal law
Scope: Federal Republic of Germany
Legal matter: Commercial law
References : 4110-4
Original version from: July 26, 1994
( BGBl. I p. 1749 )
Entry into force on: August 1, 1994
and January 1, 1995
New announcement from: September 9, 1998
( BGBl. I p. 2708 )
Last change by: Art. 4 G of August 12, 2020
( Federal Law Gazette I p. 1874, 1877 )
Effective date of the
last change:
August 19, 2020
(Art. 7 G of August 12, 2020)
GESTA : C127
Weblink: Text of the law
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The Securities Trading Act ( WpHG ) regulates in Germany the securities trading . It is used in particular to control service companies that trade securities and financial futures , and also to protect customers.

Content of the law

An important part of this law is the notification of voting rights in accordance with Section 33 (1) sentence 1 and (1a) WpHG. Furthermore, the publication obligations of the companies listed on the stock exchanges are specified. Claims for damages then exist for the violation of these obligations . The information required in accordance with Section 102 WpHG is regulated in the Market Access Information Ordinance (MarktAngV) .

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is responsible for the control .

The WpHG prohibits insider trading . Insider crimes are official offenses and are therefore prosecuted by the public prosecutor. According to Section 23 (1) Sentence 1 WpHG, there is an obligation to notify BaFin of suspected cases. Infringements through insider trading are punishable by imprisonment for up to five years or a fine. The Securities Trading Act is therefore part of ancillary criminal law .

In addition, the WpHG obliges the investment services company to provide investment advice that is appropriate to the investment and investor as well as to obtain and document information from the customer on his experience, investment objectives, financial situation and risk tolerance . For this purpose, a suitability declaration in accordance with Section 64 (4) WpHG must be submitted to the customer before a securities order is submitted. Section 87 of the WpHG and the WpHG Employee Notification Ordinance - WpHGMaAnzV regulate the register of advisors .

See also


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