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The Wiesbaden principles , actually the program of the Free Democratic Party “Wiesbaden principles. For the liberal civil society ” , were the basic program of the FDP from 1997 to 2012. They were decided at the 48th ordinary federal party congress of the FDP in Wiesbaden on May 24, 1997. The Wiesbaden principles replaced the 1985 liberal manifesto .


The party program of 1985 ( “Liberal Manifesto for a Society in Transition” ) was a successful trailblazer for the re-entry into various state parliaments and the “resurrection” in the 1987 federal election with around nine percent of the vote. The global political upheavals in the course of the turning point and the peaceful revolution in the GDR in 1989/90, however, removed the ground for a number of basic assumptions of the “Liberal Manifesto”, so that in 1997 it was replaced by the “Wiesbaden Principles”.


The Wiesbaden principles summarize the political views and demands of the FDP at the end of the 1990s in four sections on 33 pages. The first part is entitled “The FDP is responsible for what was, what is and what will become”. In the second part the "four foundations of modern liberalism" are set out, namely that freedom means responsibility, diversity, progress and sustainability. The third and most extensive part deals with the “liberal civil society in a democratic civil state”. Here it is stated that the citizen participates in society, the economy, the state and in global society. In the fourth part, “the principle of responsibility for the next generations” is explained in four sections. This is about the ecological market economy, the “modest state”, the “new generation contract” and the “generation balance sheet”.

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