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Eyelashes of a cow
Eyelashes on the human eye

In mammals, eyelashes (medical: cilia , Latin cilia) are the slightly curved hairs on the upper and lower edge of the eyelids . They serve to protect the eyes by catching small dirt particles or foreign bodies. There are various sebum and sweat glands around the roots of the eyelashes: minor glands , Zeis glands, and meibomian glands or tarsal glands.

The lifespan of the eyelash hairs, which apart from the distiachis (a double row of eyelashes) only form one row, is between 100 and 150 days in humans. On the upper eyelid there are about 150 to 250 hairs, on the lower only 50 to 150. The upper eyelashes are 8 to 12 mm long and also longer than the lower ones, 6 to 8 mm.

Various clinical pictures also manifest themselves on the eyelashes. In the case of inflammation of the eyelid margin ( blepharitis ), for example, they are stuck together, and in the case of entropion they are bent inwards and thus cause irritation of the cornea . In the context of neurological and neuro-ophthalmological diagnostics, the eyelashes with the so-called " eyelash mark " play a role in the detection of various diseases.

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