Windows Media Audio

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Windows Media Audio
File extension : .wma
MIME type : audio / x-ms-wma
Developed by: Microsoft
Type: ASF

The spectral analysis of a 128 kBit / s WMA music file in comparison to other lossy compression methods and the uncompressed music file of the song The Power of Thy Sword , the frequency response above around 16,000 Hz is not very pronounced, but this only means that the highs are missing and not that the rest produces poor sound quality.

Windows Media Audio ( WMA ) is a proprietary audio - codec from Microsoft and part of the Windows Media platform.

WMA is used for audio data compression and is usually used with lossy compression , comparable to the MP3 process. The codec supports up to 24 bit / 96 kHz with a variable bit rate of up to 768 kb / s and surround sound with up to 7.1 channels. There is also a version that is explicitly designed for source material with voices ( Windows Media Audio Voice , ACELP ), as well as the lossless codec Windows Media Audio Lossless .

The standard lossy compression method of WMA is based on the same principle as MP3 compression: after conversion into a frequency-amplitude domain, masking effects (near frequencies that are indistinguishable) or tones that are generally not audible ( hearing limit ) are deleted . This saves storage space.

WMA -encoded audio streams are usually in ASF - container embedded. In the case of a pure audio file, the file names usually have the extension .wma . The content type is audio/x-ms-wma.

WMA also supports the integration of DRM copy protection, which is why the format can be found in many online music shops .

In addition to Windows Media Player and other DirectX -based software players, some standalone hardware players can also decode WMA .

More audio codecs

Other methods and formats of digital audio data compression are: AAC , ATRAC , MP3 , Musepack , Opus , Vorbis , Speex .

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