Vladimir Iossifowitsch Lewenstein

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Wladimir Iossifowitsch Levenstein ( Russian Владимир Иосифович Левенштейн , scientific transliteration Vladimir Iosifovič Levenštejn , English and internationally most common transcription Vladimir Levenshtein ; born May 20, 1935 in Moscow ; † September 6, 2017 was a Russian mathematician named after him in Moscow ) , Levenshtein distance invented in 1965 became known. He graduated from Lomonosov University in 1958 and then taught and researched at the Moscow Keldysch Institute for Applied Mathematics .

He was a Fellow of the IEEE Information Theory Society.

In 2006 he received the Richard W. Hamming Medal of the IEEE for contributions to error correcting codes including the Levenshtein distance.

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  1. Hamming Medal to Levenshtein, pdf