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The Applied Mathematics deals with both the development of new methods to solve problems from other areas (such as chemistry , biology , physics , economics , computer science , engineering , etc.), as well as the application of known mathematical methods in well-known problems.

In particular, this includes

The mathematical methods are applied to a model of the system under consideration.

The line between pure and applied mathematics is fluid, just as the term applied science is problematic in itself. The assignment of work to one of these two major fields depends heavily on the personal views of the mathematicians involved.

Applied mathematics, which deals with mathematical methods (and is therefore a sub-area of ​​mathematics), is to be distinguished from the applications of mathematics in natural science, engineering and other areas. So it will not be said that a biologist who uses mathematical methods of population dynamics and applies well-known mathematics does applied mathematics himself - he just uses it. Often times, non-mathematicians do not draw this line, and it is not always clear. The use of mathematics to solve industrial problems is called industrial mathematics; Technomathematics, which deals with problems arising from technology, should be mentioned here as a sub-area.


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