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Wolfgang Feil, 2014

Wolfgang Feil (born August 2, 1956 in Vienna ) is an Austrian surgeon. He is medical director and head of the surgical department at the Evangelical Hospital Vienna and specializes in general and visceral surgery.

Feil is a member of international scientific societies and the board of the "Austrian Society for Surgery". As "President of the European Board of Surgery" he is internationally responsible for the standardization, harmonization and quality management of specialist training in surgical subjects in the European Union. He also works as a “sworn and certified expert” for the specialty of surgery.


Wolfgang Feil received his doctorate in 1979 at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna as a "Doctor of General Medicine" and completed his specialist training at the 1st Surgical University Clinic in Vienna, where he qualified as a specialist in surgery in 1987 . In 1990/1991 Feil did his military service in the Austrian army as a field doctor. In 1991 Feil acquired the license to teach as a university lecturer. The subject of the habilitation was the first description of the ability of surface cells of the gastric and intestinal mucosa to develop false feet and to be able to quickly place them over superficial defects (“rapid restitution”). In addition to a large number of basic scientific publications, Feil also published numerous original papers on clinical topics. Feil is visiting professor and study coordinator at the Medical University of Vienna.

Feil published around 400 citable publications. He attended international postgraduate training events, completed internships and guest professorships in Europe, the USA and Asia, as well as chairing national and international congresses.

Wolfgang Feil is married.


  • “Theodor Billroth Prize” from the Medical Association for Vienna (1986).
  • “Friedrich Wewalka Memorial Prize” of the Austrian Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology (1987).
  • “HOECHST Prize” from the Medical Dean's Office of the University of Vienna (1988).
  • Scientific advancement award of the First Austrian Spar-Casse-Bank (1989).
  • “State Prize” of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research for the promotion of alternative methods to animal experiments (1990).

Clinical activity

In 1992, Feil took over the surgical department of the Donauspital in Vienna as senior physician. There, Feil was responsible for the establishment of the operational management, initiated the establishment of a computer-aided system for the creation of reports and documentation, led the establishment of the special clinics for coloproctology and thyroid diseases, formed a working group to expand the possibilities and improved training in laparoscopic surgery and was a co-founder of the "Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Surgical Oncology".

University of Economy Vienna

In 2003 Feil graduated as an "Academic Hospital Manager" at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and in 2004 was awarded a "Master of Advanced Studies-Hospital Management" degree at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. In 2009 Feil was approved as a “qualified risk manager”.

Evangelical Hospital Vienna

In 2004 Feil took over the management of the "surgical departments" at the "Evangelical Hospital Vienna" as chief physician. Feil positioned the departments as a “competence center for minimally invasive surgery”. Feil founded the “Quality Assurance Commission”, the “Tumor Board” and the “Medical Education Academy” at the EKH Vienna.

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