Work experience

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Original title Work experience
Country of production Great Britain
original language English
Publishing year 1989
length 11 minutes
Director James Hendrie
script James Hendrie
production Mary Bell
music Simon Brint
camera Robin Vidgeon
cut Annabel Ware

Work Experience is a 1989 British comedy short film directed by James Hendrie .


Terence Weller searches in vain for a job, but is always turned down because he has no work experience. In the Usher department store , he actually only wants to go through the departments, but a customer asks for directions to the tableware department and can provide information. A little later a father and his daughter ask for directions to the toilets. Terence shows them the way and without further ado slips into the role of an employee of the Usher department store , advises customers and carries the shopping for them to the car, rejecting tips. As a matter of course, he has lunch in the department store canteen in the staff area and receives a name tag from an employee. Shortly afterwards, he is put at the checkout by the department head, who has been watching him during the day, while colleague Greg has to go with the department head. Greg hopes to be appointed by him as deputy head of department, but they choose Terence instead, who has shown exemplary behavior. Terence leaves the department store hastily. He changes clothes in his apartment. He now dresses as a doctor, puts on a stethoscope and practices a smile in front of the mirror.


Work Experience was produced by North Inch Productions for British Screen Finance and Channel Four . It was the directorial debut of James Hendrie, who had previously worked as a cameraman. The costumes were created by Phoebe De Gaye , the film construction was done by Paul Ghirardani .


In 1989 the film was nominated for a Gold Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival . Work Experience won an Oscar in the Best Short Film category in 1990 .

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