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Xixia symbols for "finger" and "toe"
Buddhist text in the Xixia script

The Xixia script ( older writing : Hsi-hsia script) was the script of the Tangut Western Xia Dynasty in northwest China . When Li Yuanhao , the leader of the Tanguts , declared the Tangut's independence from China in 1038, he had his own script developed as a sign of independence for his people. The Xixia script shows the influence of the Chinese script from the external shape of the characters immediately, even though the 6,000 different characters were created by the Tangut scholars themselves.

Most of the Tangut characters are logograms . However, there are also elements of a syllable script .

After Genghis Khan defeated the Tangut Empire in 1226, the literary tradition of the Xixia script continued for a hundred years.

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