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Close up view of the shrine
The Yasaka Shrine

The Yasaka Shrine ( Japanese 八 坂 神社 , Yasaka-jinja ), formerly known as the Gion Shrine ( 祇 園 神社 ), is a Shinto shrine in the Gion district of the Higashiyama-ku district of Kyoto in Japan . Located at the eastern end of Shijo-dori, it was built in 656 and is dedicated to Susano-no-o-mikoto as the main kami together with his wife Inada-hime-no-mikoto . It is built in the modern and relatively complicated gion-zukuri ( 祇 園 造 ) style and is one of the largest shrines in Japan, as well as the most important shrine for Susano-no-o-mikoto.

In 869, the omikoshi (portable shrines) of Gion Shrine were carried through the streets of Kyoto to fight a plague that had struck the city. This was the beginning of the Gion-Matsuri , an annual festival that became world famous. The mitama of the Kami Susano-no-o-mikoto, Yasaka-no-sume-no-kami (also Gion-san ) and Inada-hime-no-mikoto are inscribed in the Mikoshi . The name Gion refers to the Jetavana - vihāra , a temple in the grove in which the Buddha spread a large part of his teaching.

Currently, in addition to hosting the Gion-Matsuri, the shrine welcomes thousands of New Year people each year to perform traditional New Year rites and celebrations. In April it is on the way of numerous visitors to Maruyama Park , a well-known venue for the traditional Hanami (cherry blossom show).

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