Yu Jin

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Yu Jin († 221 ) was a Chinese general of the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms .


Yu Jin came from Juping in what is now Shandong . In 184 he first joined the government troops of Yanzhou against the uprising of the Yellow Turban . When Cao Cao took Yanzhou in 193, Yu Jin submitted to him and was subordinate to General Wang Lang . He was so impressed by his talent that he suggested Yu Jin to his master as commandant. Yu Jin played an essential role in the campaigns against Tao Qian in Xuzhou, Lü Bu in Puyang and against the remaining forces of the Yellow Turban.

In 197 Cao Cao lost the Battle of Wan to Zhang Xiu and withdrew to Wuyin. Yu Jin and several hundred men then fought back the persecutors. In front of Wuyin, he noticed a dozen injured and naked men who had been robbed by the Qingzhou Army. The Qingzhou Army consisted of Yellow Turban rebels who surrendered to Cao Cao in Qingzhou. When Yu Jin attacked the bandits, they turned to Cao Cao and charged Yu Jin with treason.

In Wuyin, Yu Jin did not report to his master at first, but instead set up a camp against the Zhang Xiu troops who were persecuted by them. When he heard of the accusations of the bandits in front of Cao Cao, he did not care and trusted his master's wisdom. Only after the camp was completed did he request an audience with Cao Cao and explain the incident to him. He was very satisfied with the leadership qualities of his general.

After Cao Cao's victory over Yuan Shao in the Battle of Guandu (200), Yu Jin became deputy general. He put down the rebellion of local warlord Chang Xi a few years later , but let him escape because of their friendship. Cao Cao respected this and later named him "General of Tiger Strength" (虎威 将军).

In 219, Guan Yu besieged Cao Ren at Fan Castle . Yu Jin, who had meanwhile become "Left General" (左 将军), was supposed to bring him replacement troops along with Pang De . Guan Yu's tactic of damming the Han River and diverting it into the castle forced the two of them to withdraw. They were overtaken by Guan Yu and Yu Jin surrendered to him. Pang De, on the other hand, refused, was captured and later executed. Cao Cao was dissatisfied with Yu Jin.

Sun Quan , the master of Wu , kept Yu Jin when he defeated Guan Yu that year. After Cao Cao's death in 220, he let Yu Jin return to the Wei (under Cao Pi ), where he was reinstated as "general who pacified the borders" (安 远 将军). First, however, Yu Jin was supposed to travel to Ye to pay homage to Cao Cao at his grave. There he found artists who painted scenes from the battle for the Fan Castle on the walls. In the pictures, Yu Jin submitted to the victorious Guan Yu. Yu Jin regretted this so much that he fell ill and soon died.