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The journal of the Savigny Foundation for Legal History (abbreviated ZRG , formerly also ZSS , SZ ) is one of the oldest legal journals in the world. It was published by Böhlau Verlag Vienna until 2016 , then it was published by Savigny Verlagsgesellschaft mbH in Vienna, and since 2019 by Verlag de Gruyter Berlin.

The journal sees itself in the tradition of the journal for historical jurisprudence , which was published in 15 volumes from 1815 to 1848/50 by Friedrich Carl von Savigny , Karl Friedrich Eichhorn and Johann Friedrich Ludwig Göschen and was the podium of the historical school of law . Another line of tradition is the magazine for German law and German jurisprudence (20 volumes) published by August Ludwig Reyscher and Wilhelm Eduard Wilda to compensate for the increasing Romanization from 1839 to 1861 . The first volume of the Zeitschrift für Rechtsgeschichte was published in 1861 . In 1880, with the support of the Savigny Foundation, this split into the Romance and German Department. It is quoted according to the volume of the department since volume 1 (1880). Sometimes a further volume is given for this number, which includes the 13 volumes before 1880. In 1911 a canonical department was added; Volume 100 was published in 2014. Today, each of the three departments is an integral part of international legal-historical research, as is proven by articles in several Western European languages ​​(“Germany's most famous journal”). The attachment has a significant impact on the current state of research. Reviews of new international publications appear in the literature section. Since 2014, the entire journal - parallel to the print version - has also been available in digitized form, so that all volumes since 1861, but also every individual article, are digitally available.

It is quoted according to the volume of the GA, RA or KA department and the year of publication.


  • The Romance Studies Department (RA, ISSN  0323-4096 ) deals with the legal circles of the ancient Mediterranean and the reception of Roman law . It reports on the latest excavations and library finds and the main topics of current worldwide Romance research.
  • The German Department (GA, ISSN  0323-4045 ) covers a very wide range of topics.
  • The Canon Department (KA, ISSN  0323-4142 ) is the youngest. Her topics range from church history to current state church law .

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