Journal for Aesthetics and General Art History

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Journal for Aesthetics and General Art History
description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Aesthetics , art history , philosophy
language German
publishing company Felix Meiner Verlag ( Germany )
First edition 1906
Frequency of publication 2 times a year
editor Josef Früchtl and Philipp Theisohn
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The Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft is a scientific specialist journal founded in 1906 by Max Dessoir . The magazine was initially published by Ferdinand Enke and was directed by Dessoir until Volume 37 (1943). In the post-war period, Heinrich Lützeler's journal was continued as a yearbook from 1951 and was published from 1951 to 1965 under the title “Yearbook for Aesthetics and General Art Studies”. From volume 11 of the new series (1966), the magazine was published, now by Bouvier Verlag in Bonn, in two half-yearly volumes and was given its original name again. Since the year 2000, the magazine has been taken over by Felix Meiner Verlag in Hamburg. The magazine was published by Maria Moog-Grünewald , University of Tübingen and Josef Früchtl up to 2015 . From the 2016 vintage onwards, Philipp Theisohn took over the editing of Maria Moog-Grünewald.

Content concept

The ZÄK contains the following categories:

  1. Treatises
  2. Miscarriage
  3. Meetings

Contributions are preferably published in German, but also in English or French. The discussions in the magazine are expanded and deepened by topic-oriented special issues that appear in loose succession.

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