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MVS medical publishers Stuttgart
The second building of the Thieme Group in Stuttgart, including the headquarters of the MVS

The MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG , based in Stuttgart-Feuerbach are part of Thieme Group . They are a group of several publishers from the fields of health , medicine and veterinary medicine with a total of over 50 employees. The managing directors are Thomas Scherb and Albrecht Hauff.


The book program includes 1500 book titles available; this also includes numerous e-books . In addition, 20 specialist journals and the patient magazine Signal are published . Furthermore, seminars and congresses on medicine, naturopathic treatment, veterinary medicine and midwifery are held.


With the exception of TRIAS , the individual publishers used to be independent companies, but are now managed as imprint publishers under the sole umbrella of MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart .

  • Haug Verlag, founded in 1903, was already divided into the two areas of Haug Fachbuch and Haug Sachbuch before it was taken over by the Thieme Publishing Group . The range of around 400 books on offer covers naturopathic fields of knowledge, with a particular focus on homeopathy . Haug reference book is aimed at professionals in the naturopathy, Haug nonfiction to the general public.
  • The Hippokrates Verlag was incorporated into the Thieme publishing group in 1980 . It was founded in 1925 by Robert Bosch and is aimed at all professional groups who are involved in training and further education with naturopathic treatment , acupuncture and homeopathy as well as manual medicine and osteopathy . Today, however, specialist books, magazines and brochures for midwives are sold in this imprint .
  • The Parey publishing house was created in 1848 and was in 1877 by Paul Parey acquired. In 1994 Paul Parey Buchverlag was spun off into Blackwell-Wissenschafts-Verlag , Berlin (today Wiley-Blackwell ). In 2003 MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart took over the veterinary book program from Blackwell Verlag . Today's Parey book program includes around 75 book titles from the field of veterinary medicine. Outside the MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart which remained Paul Parey magazine publisher based in Singhofen .
  • The Sonntag Verlag addresses itself with books and magazines for homeopathy and naturopathy in particular to naturopaths . He also maintains the market-leading holistic veterinary medicine program.
  • TRIAS is an imprint publishing company founded by Thieme in the early 1990s. Its purpose was to bundle the activities relating to non-fiction books and guides that had previously been distributed in the three publishing houses Thieme , Enke and Hippokrates . The program comprises more than 400 deliverable titles on all aspects of health and nutrition, which are aimed at the general public.

Trade journals

The following journals appear within MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart :

  • AHZ Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung (Haug, since 1832)
  • B&G movement therapy and health sports (Hippocrates)
  • German Heilpraktiker Magazine (Sunday)
  • German journal for oncology
  • The midwife (Hippocrates)
  • DO - German Journal for Osteopathy (Hippocrates)
  • Empirical Medicine (Haug)
  • Nutrition & Medicine (Hippocrates)
  • small animal concrete (Enke)
  • OM Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (Hippocrates)
  • horse mirror (Enke)
  • team.concrete
  • Veterinary assistant in concrete (Enke)
  • veterinary mirror (Enke, since 1991)
  • ZKH Journal for Classical Homeopathy (Haug)
  • zkm Journal for Complementary Medicine (Hippocrates, since 2009)
  • Journal for Holistic Veterinary Medicine (Sunday)
  • Journal of Phytotherapy (Haug)

Individual evidence

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