Journal of world history

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Journal of world history

Area of ​​Expertise World history
language German
publishing company Peter Lang Publishing Group
First edition 2000
Frequency of publication half-yearly
editor Jürgen G. Nagel for the Association for the History of the World System eV
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ZDB 2037321-1

The magazine for world history - interdisciplinary perspectives (ZWG) was founded in 2000 by Hans-Heinrich Nolte for the Verein für Geschichte des Weltsystems eV (VGWS), who also edited it for many years as managing director of the VGWS. Global historian Jürgen G. Nagel has held this executive position since 2018 . In addition to Hans-Heinrich Nolte and Jürgen G. Nagel , the group of editors also includes Dariusz Adamczyk , Manuela Boatcă , Christian Cwik , Beate Eschment , Claus Füllberg-Stolberg and Bernd Hausberger . Peter Kehne , Andrea Komlosy , Ralf Roth , Helmut Stubbe da Luz and Asli Vatansever . The current editorial team consists of Jens Binner, Michael Bertram, Christian Lekon, Harald Kleinschmidt and Helmut Prantner.

The ZWG has been published twice a year by the science publisher Peter Lang since 2000 . It presents itself as a forum for a comprehensive consideration of historical, social and cultural studies. Each issue of the journal contains several essays and larger contributions on different epochs and aspects of universal and world history, which reflect the state of research and scientific discourse. An extensive review section provides a detailed discussion of relevant literature; In addition, the journal regularly gives lectures on relevant conferences and provides bibliographical notes on international literature on world history. Individual issues also contain global historical contributions from foreign-language discussions that have been translated for German-speaking readers.

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