Journal of Historical Research

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Journal of Historical Research

description historical scientific journal
Area of ​​Expertise Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times
language German
publishing company Duncker & Humblot ( Germany )
First edition 1974
Frequency of publication quarterly
Sold edition 600 copies
( )
Editor-in-chief Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger
editor Nikolas Jaspert , Klaus Luig , Peter Oestmann , Matthias Pohlig , Heinz Schilling , Bernd Schneidmüller , Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger
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The Journal for Historical Research (ZHF) is a German-language historical scientific journal.

Its subtitle is a quarterly journal on research into the late Middle Ages and the early modern period . It publishes articles on history between the 13th and 19th centuries that come from classical, political, legal , cultural and social history . The treatises and essays are supplemented by reports and criticism and rounded off by an extensive review section .

The magazine has been published quarterly by Duncker & Humblot since 1974 . The editorial board of the then newly created magazine relied on a new periodization model. The late Middle Ages were separated from traditional Medieval studies and connected with the early modern period.

The magazine is published by Nikolas Jaspert , Klaus Luig , Peter Oestmann , Matthias Pohlig , Heinz Schilling , Bernd Schneidmüller and Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger , who have been the editor since 2003. Under the editors Kunisch and above all through his pupil Stollberg-Rilinger as editor, the journal was consistently opened to cultural-scientific topics.

For the first 15 years (1974 to 1988) a register edited by Lothar Schilling was published ( ISBN 3-428-07140-9 ). It was published in the booklet series of the magazine, which has been published since 1985. The ZHF has also been published electronically since 2008.

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