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Cigar factory in Heilbronn

The cigar factory in Heilbronn is a factory built in 1909 on the corner of Weststrasse and Achtungstrasse, in which a cultural center has been located since 2000.



The building goes back to the factory owner Anselm Kahn (born April 10, 1877 in Gemmingen, † 1957 New York), who founded a cigar factory in Heilbronn's Mozartstrasse in 1900. The company later traded as Helbrunna , was one of several cigar factories in the city and had branches in other places. Kahn received Heilbronn citizenship in 1904 , was temporarily a member of the board of the Heilbronn Chamber of Commerce and Industry and from 1929 to 1934 an Israelite church leader in Heilbronn . After his cigar factory had moved from Mozartstrasse to Friedensstrasse, he planned a new building on Hammelwasen in 1908 (today: Achtungstrasse 33–37). The building, built according to plans by the architect Heinrich Stroh , was extended again to Weststrasse in 1914. The company owned by the Jewish siblings Anselm, Anselm KI, Julius and Josef Kahn from Gemmingen was "Aryanized" during the Nazi era .

post war period

After severe damage in World War II, the building was rebuilt in a simplified form by Erik Beutinger, the son of the architect and Lord Mayor Emil Beutinger . After the company was dissolved in 1962, the building came into the possession of the city of Heilbronn and served various purposes, including part of the adult education center. In December 1968 the Realschule West was set up in the former factory. Until the inauguration of the new Realschule West in the cloister or Heinrich-von-Kleist-Realschule on December 21, 1971, the Realschule remained in the former factory. In 1996 the demolition of the now vacant building was considered. After cultural workers campaigned for the preservation of the cigar factory, the municipal council decided in 1998 to preserve the building and its future cultural use. Since 2000, the property has been used by the Zigarre eV association as a cultural center. In addition to a restaurant, the “Kunst- und KulturWerkhaus” has work and exhibition rooms for the regional artist scene.


The elongated, two-winged brick building with decorative stripes on the outer facade consists of a four-story head building and a three-story office building. The production hall in which cigars were made extends to the west, the stairwell protrudes like a risalit from the facade in the south. The part of the building facing Weststrasse has the address Weststrasse 28, the rear part of the building has the address Achtungstrasse 37.


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