Civil defense (Austria)

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In Austria, civil protection is understood to mean "a multitude of measures to protect the population from natural and civilization-related dangers and to provide assistance in the corresponding emergencies."


As a result of the “security policy paradigm shift in Europe”, the aspect of the effects of warlike action has “largely lost its importance” in civil protection.
In addition, the aspect of "isolation from the outside" as a model of early civil protection has largely become obsolete, today these agendas are primarily represented in cross-border and international cooperation. These are the lessons that can be learned from the Chernobyl accident in 1986 and the avalanche disaster von Galtür in 1999 , the first major international aid mission in Austria (after 1951 and 1954 still during the occupation).

Civil protection in Austria today forms a comprehensive network of precautionary measures and the aid infrastructure and includes:

The topic is the responsibility of all levels of government, federal , countries , counties , municipalities , rescue organizations and citizens.

In addition, numerous institutions are directly or indirectly involved in civil protection, authorities such as NGOs, scientific agencies, companies as well as non-profit and voluntary organizations.

The Civil Protection Association has also installed a platform, the Security Information  Centers (SIZ), in which, in particular, public relations work and training and knowledge transfer of self-protection and civil protection measures are carried out. These facilities, which have been available as information stands at public events since 1986, are now being set up as websites.


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