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Zschernick was a forest district in the Annaburger Heide subordinate to the Saxon office of Annaburg and from 1815 to the Prussian district of Torgau , in which there was a pitch hut and a grinding, oil and cutting mill (the so-called Heidemühle) until the 19th century . In 1827 there were two houses with 10 unlucky dwellings, in which 58 residents lived. The place was parish after Annaburg and was under the Annaburg court office until 1848.

Zschernick today

The place became historically significant on September 16, 1536 [according to other information, 1546], because on that day , Elector Johann Friedrich I of Saxony met the Electors under an oak tree on the Zschernick in the Lochauer Heide, not far from the later Zschernicker Heidemühle Hermann V. von Wied and Joachim II. Von Brandenburg , in order to win both over to the Schmalkaldic League . A monument by the mill in Zschernick, which no longer exists today, commemorated this event. A panel with the portraits of the three electors was set up under a wooden canopy. According to a source from 1756, when the monument was being repaired, it was built to commemorate a peace treaty that took place on this site in 1545.

On behalf of the Elector Johann Georg III. Saxony built a new mill in 1689 on a desolate mill site on the Zschernicker pond in the Annaburg Heath , which later became the Zschernicker Heidemühle.

The Zschernicker Heidemühle was until May 19, 1702 a chamber property that was leased. It was only on this day that the Heidemühle was sold to the previous mill leaseholder Tobias Schlobach for the sum of 450 thalers in Leipzig . Schlobach left the mill to his brother Johann Friedrich Schlobach and dedicated himself to running the Pechhütte, which he had built in 1697 not far from the mill and the new dig with the approval of the Annaburg Office. He paid an annual rent of 60 guilders to run the pitch furnace . After his death, his son of the same name, Tobias Schlobach, took over the lease of the Pechhütte for six years in 1731. In 1737 Tobias Schlobach bought the Pechhütte for 100 thalers. The Pechhütte remained in the possession of the Schlobach family until the 19th century.

During the GDR era, Zschernick was used as a residential colony, hence the name Kolonie Zschernick. In the mid-1950s, the villagers were expropriated because the newly founded NVA used the entire area of ​​the Annaburg Heath as a training ground. Some residents of Zschernick moved to the neighboring village of Mahdel .

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