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legal form KK
ISIN JP3190000004
Seat Minato , Tokyo Prefecture , JapanJapanJapan 
management Toru Shiraishi
Number of employees 13,432
sales 1,773 billion yen (14.1 billion euros )
Branch construction
Website www.obayashi.co.jp
As of March 31, 2015

Osaka Obayashi Building, seat of the Ōbayashi-gumi in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan (about half of the building is occupied by Obayashi)

KK Ōbayashi-gumi ( Japanese 株式会社 大林 組 , Kabushiki kaisha Ōbayashi-gumi , Eng . "Ōbayashi-Gruppe", Eng. Obayashi Corporation ), listed in the Nikkei 225 , is one of the five largest construction companies (Super- Zenekon ) next to Shimizu , Takenaka , Kajima and Taisei in Japan . The company's headquarters are in Minato , Tokyo Prefecture .

The group was founded in Osaka in 1892 . The company operates in Japan and a few other countries, particularly Southeast Asia and Australia, but also in the United States and Europe.

Significant major construction projects include the Kyoto Station , the Koshien Stadium , the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Center and the Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo.

The company plans to build a space elevator by 2050 .

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