ČSD series M 120.3

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ČSD series M 120.3
Car body of the M 120.324 in Skalsko station (2013)
Car body of the M 120.324 in Skalsko station (2013)
Numbering: M 120.301-327
Number: 27
Manufacturer: Tatra Kopřivnice ,
Vagonka Studénka Studénka
Year of construction (s): 1928-1930
Retirement: until 1949
Axis formula : A 1
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Length over buffers: 01-26: 9,200 mm
27: 9,300 mm
Height: 4,310 mm
Width: 3,034 mm
Bogie axle base: 4,220 mm
Empty mass: 8.3 t
Service mass: 12.3 t
Wheel set mass : 6 t
Top speed: 55 km / h
Installed capacity: 65 hp
Motor type: 1 × Tatra underfloor
petrol engine
Motor type: 6-cylinder in-line
Rated speed: 1,800 rpm
Power transmission: mechanically
Brake: Knorr, handbrake
Seats: 36
Classes : 3.

The ČSD series M 120.3 were two-axle motorized multiple units of the former Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD) for regional traffic. They were the first standard gauge Tatra tower cars .


At the same time as the M 11.0 narrow-gauge railcar , a standard-gauge variant of the tower railcar was created with this vehicle. They were procured in three series for operation on branch lines in order to make operations faster and more competitive. In 1928 and 1929, Tatra in Kopřivnice produced 26 vehicles. Another was built by Vagonka Studénka in 1930 , making a total of 27 vehicles of this type.

The motor cars of the M 120.3 series proved their worth. They were preferably used on branch lines with little traffic.

After the Sudetenland was annexed to Germany in autumn 1938, 13 railcars had to be handed over to the Deutsche Reichsbahn . They received the new numbers 136 026 to 136 038. From Komotau ( Czech Chomutov ) and Bodenbach ( Czech Děčín ) they were used on their traditional routes. After the end of the Second World War, all vehicles came back to the ČSD.

The procurement of the new M 131.1 railcars from 1948 made the tower railcars quickly dispensable. In 1949 the last one was separated and scrapped. No vehicle remained in the museum. The heavily devastated car body of the M 120.324 is located in Skalsko station , which was installed there as a storage room after it was decommissioned.

technical features

The cars had a 6-cylinder four-stroke Tatra petrol engine . The engine was installed in the middle of the vehicle, and above it was the driver's cab. In this "tower" the engine driver sat with his feet on the engine. The pulpit on the vehicle roof provided a good view of the route. The storage tanks for coolant and fuel were arranged on the sides of the tower.

The vehicles were not provided with standard pulling and pushing devices in the delivery condition. They had simple funnel couplings , similar to that of trams. From 1930 they were retrofitted with buffers and lightweight screw couplings during an intermediate repair. This conversion was completed in 1938.

The entrance sliding door was on the side in the middle, on the front sides were doors for the passage from car to car. On the front sides were fastenings for the transition bridge and safety chains.


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