ČSD series M 140.1

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ČSD series M 140.1
Numbering: M 140.101-103
Number: 4th
Manufacturer: Tatra Mountains Kopřivnice
Year of construction (s): 1928
Retirement: 1941
Axis formula : A 1
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Length over buffers: 5,800 mm
Fixed wheelbase: 3,520 mm
Empty mass: 5.9 t
Service mass: 12.9 t
Wheel set mass : 6.5 t
Top speed: 70 km / h
Installed capacity: 65 hp
Wheel diameter: 850 mm
Motor type: 1 × Tatra underfloor
petrol engine
Motor type: 6-cylinder in-line
Rated speed: 1,800 rpm
Power transmission: mechanically

The ČSD series M 140.1 was a two-axle motorized multiple unit for express freight transport of the former Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD) . They were the first standard gauge Tatra tower cars .


After the first promising tests of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines were carried out at the Československé státní dráhy (ČSD) around 1925 , the first practical use with vehicles of minor importance followed in the years that followed.

While at Škoda and ČKD road buses were equipped with a rail chassis, the basis for this railcar was a conventional freight car, which was provided with a drive system and a tower-like driver's cab. The advantage of this tower car was that when changing direction, the vehicle did not have to be turned with the help of a turning device like the ČSD series M 120.1 .

The first motor vehicle M 140.101 was put into operation in 1928, and three more vehicles were put into service after testing. They were intended for express transport of general cargo and were used on the routes Praha - Lužná u Rakovníka , Praha - Tábor , Praha - Mladá Boleslav and Přerov - Brno . The shutdown took place after 1939, in 1941 the last vehicle was taken out of service.

The M 140.101 has been preserved and is in the Bratislava Transport Museum .

technical features

The cars had a 6-cylinder, 4-stroke Tatra petrol engine . The engine was installed in the middle of the vehicle, and above it was the driver's cab. In this "tower" the engine driver sat with his feet on the engine, which in the ČSD series M 140.0 was still a 4-cylinder petrol engine. Storage tanks for coolant and fuel were located on the sides of the tower. The same units as for the M 120.3 were used for the drive system .

The vehicles had simple funnel couplings , similar to that of trams.

The entrance sliding door was on the side in the middle, as with the other Tatra tower cars.

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