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Šventoji (German Heiligenau ) is a health resort and a settlement on the Baltic Sea in Lithuania . The place is 35 kilometers from the port city of Klaipėda (Memel) and twelve kilometers north of Palanga city center. He belongs to the Palanga City Council. The town is located to the left of the mouth of the Šventoji River and has three bridges.

Brief description

Šventoji is an administrative community ( Lithuanian Šventosios seniūnija ). There is the port of Šventoji , a Catholic church, a secondary school, a post office, an ambulance and many hotels. The Šventoji cemetery is located in the forest by the Klaipėda – Liepoja road . The former fishing village is the largest new spa district in Palanga.


A ritual staff made from antlers with a beautiful elk head from the 3rd millennium BC. BC was found in Šventoji, from which the historians deduce that the first settlement took place at this time. The inhabitants mostly caught fish. The settlement can be found for the first time on maps from 1584.

In 1589, King Sigismund Wasa gave an English company permission to build and expand the port of Šventoji. At the beginning of the 17th century it was in competition with the port of Memel. After the outbreak of the Northern War , the owners of the ports of Riga and Liepāja , together with the Swedes , decided to destroy the ports of Palanga and Šventoji. In 1701 the Swedes devastated the port facilities and moorings.


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Individual evidence

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