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1C: Enterprise
Basic data

developer 1C
Current  version 8.3
(July 8, 2013)
operating system platform independent
programming language 1C
category Framework
License proprietary software

1C: Enterprise (Russian 1С: Предприятие) is a framework for creating applications for companies for various industries and areas. 1C: Enterprise accelerates the development of business applications significantly, since many application-relevant functions are already implemented and ready for use. The framework has been developed by the Russian manufacturer 1C since 1991 .

Since both the development platform and the applications were intended for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) market , a programming language derived from Russian was used. Only with the orientation towards the international market was 1C: Enterprise expanded to include a dialect based on English and thus the Latin character set. The subsidiary 1C Germany , based in Germany, was founded in 2005 to support projects outside the CIS .


The developer can use and adapt ready-made modules for accounts receivable management, bookkeeping and payroll accounting, various business processes and other functions that map normal business processes. Much emphasis is placed on simple scalability, which means that already operational applications can be easily expanded and individually adapted.

The supplied Designer application serves as an IDE for creating configurations (this is how 1C designates the created applications). Configurations created in this way can then be operated under Windows as well as Linux . Another major innovation is the use of mobile devices, i.e. devices with both Android and iOS operating systems .

Since an application server is integrated in 1C: Enterprise, applications can also be used via a web browser.

In addition to its own database - format , the 1C: Enterprise brings from home, many other databases are supported:

1C: Enterprise Features

Applications developed with 1C: Enterprise

There are over 260 finished applications (as of July 7, 2013) that were developed with 1C: Enterprise. These are applications and industry solutions that are immediately ready for use, but also offer the option of being further adapted and expanded if necessary.

Some of the most famous uses:

  • 1C: Accounting
  • 1C: CRM
  • 1C: Trade Manager
  • 1C: ERP

Included development tools

  • Form designer
  • Query designer
  • Report designer
  • Designer for creating help
  • Right designer
  • Tools for team development
  • Internet Tool Library with functions for HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
  • Debugging tools
  • Functions for logging

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