41-cm / 45 year 3 ship gun

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41-cm / 45 year 3 ship gun

41 cm / 45 year 3 gun barrel in front of the Yamatomuseum in Kure

General Information
Manufacturer country: Japanese Empire
Developer / Manufacturer: Marine workshops Kure
Development year: 1914-1918
Weapon Category: cannon
Technical specifications
Overall length: 18.84 m
Caliber :

410 mm (16.14 inch )

Caliber length : 45
Number of trains : 84
Cadence : 1.5-2.5 rounds / min
Side straightening area: depending on the tower
Closure Type : Screw lock
Charging principle: Grenade and propellant bag

The 41 cm / 45 year 3 was a ship gun of the Imperial Japanese Navy . In March 1922 the designation was changed to 40 cm / 45 year 3 . The weapon was installed on the two battleships of the Nagato class and was used in the Pacific War . The naming of the weapon relates to 1914, the "year 3" according to the Taishō calendar .


The weapon was an enlarged version of the 35.56 cm L / 45 guns that had been installed on the Kongō class . It was a wire tube in which a steel wire was wrapped around an inner tube under great tension. The construction was then enclosed by an outer tube. The tubes had a life of around 250 rounds before they had to be replaced.


The guns were installed on the battleships Nagato and Mutsu . They were never used against other battleships until the two ships were lost, but instead fired grenades with time fuses for anti-aircraft purposes (so-called zone shooting ) or, in the case of the Nagato , fought lightly armored targets.

41 cm grenades (World War II)
designation Type 91 Type 0 Model 3 "beehive" B1
Art Armor piercing HE grenade Incendiary grenade Flare grenade
Fuse type Delay 0.4 sec. Surcharge / delay time time
total weight 1,169 tons 0.938 tons 0.940 tons unknown
charge 14.88 kg of trinitroanisole 44.32 kg of trinitroanisole Stick bombs Light source with parachute
aims armored ship targets Ship and land destinations Aircraft formations no
effective effective radius - 58.61 meters 213 meters none
Muzzle velocity V / 0 780 m / s 804.6 m / s 835.1 m / s 701.0 m / s

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